I am not, by any means, a professional author. I apologise in advance for my poor spelling and utter lack of grammar. Run on sentences are my friend and I often make words up on the fly. I don’t (and will never) know the difference between whether, weather, were, where, or where to put that damn apostrophe. At least I know the difference between two, to, and too!

In addition, I rarely changed what I have written the first go around. It’s a shotgun approach, but what can you expect? It’s a freaking blog and I’m a little busy climbing the great wall of China, swimming with sharks, jet setting, and saving deaf chicks from oncoming traffic.

Consider it an insider’s look to the blueprints of my first book. Enjoy it while it’s free bitches !

Alex Rothaus- Commander and Chief to your most very favourite vicarious dirty pleasure while at work (well right behind Facebook.com, FML.com TMZ.com, and TextsFromLastNight.com)

Quick Update: I think I’ve got it.  I think that after all the zillions of texts/emails/blog posts in the past 5 years, I can write fairly well.  Let’s just go easy on me though.  Expectations<Outcome=Satisfaction