Valencia and Granada


If it seems like the posts have been getting a bit more boring recently, I can explain. My heart hasn’t really been in the posts recently because I am becoming restless. Europe is loosing its effect on me and I seek something to shock me. Capitals and monuments are all bleeding together, enormous churches are becoming unremarkable.

Worse yet, the friends I have been making are looking more and more disposable recently. This strikes a vain that runs home.

I don’t bother to gather the contacts of the people I have met recently. It reminds me of the colossal change that took place over the past 60 years or so. It used to be, in the old days, folks made a promise, and stayed married to that promise, largely, without fail. (wow, comparing friends to marriage. What a loony. Shuuuuush, read on!)

Marriage was a simple thing, without options. You got married, without the expectation to stay in a foolish 200 mile per hour lust of perfect hormones. You grow old together, playfully pointing out each others wrinkles while sacrificing everything for those who will carry the your torch. You joke, you grow cold, and you embrace true camaraderie or you completely disappear to one another.

Now a days, marriage seems to be disposable and I think part of the reason is because we are largely trained to treat our other relationships that way. If it ain’t working out, just get a new one 🙂

What does this all have to do with my traveling anyway? Good question. I’m not sure, but maybe it will make a bit of sense by the end.

Awareness! It’s the key to happiness. No no my friends, it isn’t ignorance (though blissful as it may be)! I am aware that I am begining to find other travelers disposable, so I am going to overtly combat that urge. That being said, lets finish Europe strong!!!

Valencia is a nice town with a beach that reminds me of California a bit. But I am really enthusiastic about Granada, which is said to Swallow travelers up. It is said to do this because it is such a charming place to be. The rent is low, the tapas are free (with the purchase of a drink) and the town is largely a college town. It is slow yet bustling. No one is actually from the city anymore. In this respect, it is a lot like San Diego. Wow, two mentions of home in one paragraph. Am I getting home sick? Fuck no! You should be medicated for such thoughts !

Granada is a labyrinth of artful alley ways. There is a well known sociology professor here who was caught for drawing penises on the walls and also tagging such phrases as “Sticky pussy!”. At the age of 65, he remains free to roam the streets and produce more socially shocking graffiti because the Spanish courts take a one month summer recess during the time of his court date. Because he has had more time granted by this governmental siesta, he frequently tags sub-notes on his original works of art like “you’ll never catch me!!” Which makes the whole story even more lovely.

To wrap up Spain, I must comment on the languages. Yes, thats right, languages. There are three majors spoken here. Basque, Catalonian, and Spanish. But let us not forget the many local dialects including Castilian. And as far as accents go, the most interesting might be the heavy lisp you will find on everyone in Barcelona. This is said to come from a king many years ago who had a lisp. No one had the guts to tell him he was speaking incorrectly. To the contrary, everyone just started speaking with a lisp to make the king feel normal (and probably to avoid being beheaded). Long story short, everyone in Barcelona has a huge lisp and if you speak Spanish without one to them, they will quickly correct you on the spot.

These are the fun types of tid bits you could never know unless you just go here and everywhere else in the world.

Get out here !!!

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