My Heart Might Stay

On this final day, I fear goodbye.  This land of gold they call Japan.  I’ve met the best people and eaten the best food,  but the best thing about Japan may have been how random things can be here.  How you can point your walking feet in a direction and be guaranteed a story that you will remember for a lifetime.  Not a story of trial or tribulation, or violence or heartache.  A story of random acts of kindness; a story of how everything is important in this land and therefore everything is done with the highest level of precision and care.

This is a land of stories where people didn’t just have great ideas, they did great things.  This is a place where ones quality of life is always a stronger contingency than the necessary investment to get there.  These are a people who are kind and polite, yet excited and enthusiastic about just about everything.

Japan is the place that will make you question your own motivations.

It has been a while since an update, due to my recent website difficulties, so I have alot to cover.  I met up with my London friends in Osaka and we shared an amazing night of Karaoke!  The Tunes I rocked were of course strait out of Whitney Huston and Phill Collins.  Don’t forget Weezer’s “del Scorcho” which is a song about a Japanese fan of the band.  Singing that in Japan made me take a step back and pinch myself.  “Oh My God, I’m in Japan!”

Next I came back to Tokyo to meet up with the three photographers from Melbourne.  They were eager to reunite like old friends.  The day before I met up with them, I cut strait through the greater Tokyo area on foot.  This is the best way to get to know a city.  As you all know by know, I don’t have a sense of direction, but that isn’t an issue when you are having a wonder.

As soon as you are looking for something specific, you are lost.

It took me 4 hours to cut across the city and in doing so, I stumbled upon the royal palace that sits in the heart of the city. This is a picturesque place that is really quite famous for photography.

Next I found a giant tower that must have been 50 stories high just outside of the city.  I found it just as the sun was going down and decided to get to the bottom of this misery tower the next day.  I was beat, but excited for what the next day would bring.

The Next day, I met up with the Aussies and took them to the tower.  We went into the adjacent building and prodded some employees for some answers.  They all said that it was a tower where they burn trash. You heard it here first, that answer is bullshit, and I’m going to blow the lid off of this cover up.  They have to have some sort of time portal in there.  I swear.

Later that day, we went to see a band play some instrumental music sets.  The band was all business.  Very Well behaved and concentrated on the music more than the obligatory head bang.  The audience was just as well behaved.  I know it wasn’t a hard core show, but their last song definitely warranted some rocking by the crowd and I don’t think anyone broke a sweat.

On the way to the venue, we witnessed a man throwing up, silently, into a clear plastic bag.  I was amazed.  I didn’t think it was even possible to do that silently.  Speaking of strange behaviors, I’ve seen sever women fall on the escalator during my time in Japan and each time, people just get out of the girl’s way.  They don’t step on here, but they definitely leave it to themselves to get back up.  These are clumsy little falls, not the type that break your hip, but i am still surprised.  I think its a issue of not touching each other.

Next we went out for a night on the town and tried to find a club that would meet our tastes.  All of the subways and trains close at 1am so we were stuck walking for about an hour before we got to the place we desired.  On the way, though, we found some super amazing things.  We found a bar that was on a cart (like a coffee stand) that just had a few candles, a boom box, and some drinks on it.  There were only 3 people there.  It must have been the bar tender/owner and his wife and friend.

We really had to pee and found some bushes.  Those bushes ended up being something special because we had to have ninja like skills to avoid all of the cops that swarmed the area as soon as the first one radioed us in.  Somehow, we emerged without a scratch.

They were really nice (of course) so we hung out with them for a bit.  Next we got to Repungee (spelled wrong) which is a major westerner hang out.  We went into a club and began to observe the exception to the rule.  The only place that people are not absolutely perfectly behaved is in the club.  Quite literally, guys were grabbing girls by the arms and forcefully pulling them in for a dance.  This was not my style at all, but the girls didn’t seem to mind.  They seemed to take it was a show of the man’s machismo.

I watched it for about a half an hour and finally said “Fuck it, when in roam, right?”

One girl walks by and I reach my arm out like a draw bridge and she walks through it like a turn style.  Ha Ha, who was I to think I could be that aggressive.  It was like when I failed in asking someone for directions just 5 hours earlier in the streets.  I was a great laugh, but not the place for me.

We left the club at 4 am to a bright twilight.  we continued to sit at the corner and watch the show until about 6:30am.  The city never slept, never even skipped a beat.  There were a bunch of African immigrants, mingling with middle eastern immigrants on account of their similar religious views.  There were a few rare overweight Japanese girls dressed and speaking like Latina gangsters hanging out with the Africans.  It was truly an amazing sight.

I realize already that I am going to miss this place dearly.

China is my next stop on the old trip.  It should be a perfect proving ground for contrasts to this phenomenal land.

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