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It`s the best way to see Kyoto.  I really love it.  I met 3 guys from Melbourne (who new Aussies could be so much fun, JK).  Sorry, I`m in a funky mood because at the moment that I am writing this post, I m surrounded by a bunch of snobs in an Osaka hostel.  From every nation it feels like, none of these guys get a drop of my humor.  It`s ok.  The streak of amazing travel buddies in Japan can`t last forever. 

But seriously, one half raw octopus, one half yellow watermelon, and one liter of Orange Juice.  That would be my dinner tonight.  Funky, but I`m in Osaka, the funky capital of Japan.  Already I can see that more people are making eye contact here.  It was a short Rail ride from Kyoto and I am here. 

Apologies if this is harder to follow than usual. 

Since I`ve been in Japan, I`ve met a ton of Awesome Aussies.  All of them happen to have been from Melbourne.  Three of them are photographers who I rode bikes with (in Kyoto) for the better part of two days.  We went to a ton to temples and they got all of my sarcasm to a tee.  We even had a language of discrete rings of our bells when riding our bikes and seeing beautiful locals.  It was amazing because each one of our bells was a slightly different tone, so when there was a beautiful girl that we all agreed on, it made a sort of song. 

 At about 5pm the locals came out in force and we were practically ringing our bells non stop.  It didn’t stop there though, when we were on foot, we would just say “Bing” or “ring” when we walked by beautiful girls.  Boys being boys:)

I spent two days with three guys who might as well be from my home town.  We got each-others humor nearly flawlessly and now I`m in a hostel were the best complement that I have received was from a east coast Aussie, and It was backhanded 🙂

It`s alright though, because I am already going to meet up with two Londoners who I had previously met in Tokyo. 

I`ve got something to say about hostels in Japan.  They don’t consider skimping on any amenities.  All of the ones that I`ve been to assume a certain standard of living (which is very good).  They all would be rated as a top level hostel by international standards and they are all concerned with the well-being of the guest.  I talked to a local girl who was working at the one in Kyoto and she said that its just the hospitality that Japanese people have.  Half assing anything is just not acceptable. 

Japan for me feels like a regular 2 week vacation.  I am dreading the end of it almost every day.  But the rest of the day is filled with awesome people, foreign and local, fantastic food, and beautiful scenery. 

In the wake of their culture, the beautiful land scape and architecture seem trivial. 

I love Japan!



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  • June 7, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    Hey Alex
    Enjoying your comments on Japan. Sounds like you are having a great experience!! Where are you off to next?


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